Saturday, August 22, 2009


Four blocks from St. Charles, 1022 GALLERY is located in the university area of Uptown New Orleans. Within walking distance from Maple St. coffee shops and the constant foot traffic of Freret St., our neighborhood is bustling and young. We are located in a real New Orleans neighborhood, businesses scattered in between houses, and elders living in shotgun apartments right next to college students. There is a real sense of community, where people walk their dogs and say hello to passersby. We experience what is so special about New Orleans: the people. We hope coming to 1022 GALLERY lets visitors experience the same.

The Carrollton Area is also filled with architecturally rich houses, including the former residence of John Kennedy Toole,the author of Confederacy of Dunces.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


The headliner of our October 17th show is Tim Trapolin, a painter well known in New Orleans for his portraits. We had the pleasure of visiting him at his home studio a few blocks from the gallery.

Robert Moreland

We have just hung the work of Robert Moreland in preparation for our show in October. It is exciting to finally see art on the walls, especially art of such caliber. With influences like Robert Motherwell, Lee Bontecou, and Robert Rauchenberg, Moreland's work is dynamic and assertive. Having spent the last year on a 90 acre ranch in Texas, Moreland's latest series is influenced by rural American life. Using an encaustic type process he developed himself, and industrial materials like tractor paint and prairie fence, Moreland's art is bold and masculine. He is a promising young artist and we are excited to work with him.


On October 17th we are having our grand opening show featuring artists Tim Trapolin, Amanda Talley, and Robert Moreland. We wanted to combine artists with diverse styles that are in different stages of their career in order to bring a variety of people together to celebrate the beginning of our vision of a gallery with no rules or pretensions. We believe art is for the people and should not be unapproachable. Even though each artist is unique, they share a cohesive freeness of expression that we feel embodies what our gallery is all about.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


After more than a year of renovation, 1022gallery is finally off the ground. We are a boutique art gallery located in the university area of Uptown, New Orleans. Just under 2,ooo square feet, we have three main galleries, as well as a custom frame shop.